Three J’s Two-Day 16-Hour Hair Braiding Course




The Three J’s Two-Day 16-Hour Braiding Course will strive:


  1. To provide the students with the tools and ability to use appropriate behavior and conduct that will alleviate the spread of disease.

  2. To provide students with the skills, knowledge, and practical work experience to become competent in the hair braiding industry.

  3. To concentrate on an intellectual focus by providing, resourceful, and productive members of society.  


Course Description:


The hair-braiding course is a two-day 16-hour course approved by the Board of Cosmetology of Florida, broken down into the following segments: 


  • 5 Hours: HIV/AIDS and other communicable diseases

  • 5 Hours: Disorders and diseases of the scalp

  • 2 Hours: Study of the laws regulating hair braiding

Course Cost: $300