Dr. Juniace Etienne LIFE Coaching

Do you know who you are?
Are you feeling empty?
Are you questioning yourself about what you should do next?
Do you feel like you are running out of options?

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I may be able to help you tap into your natural gifts and your talents based on your purpose to live and to accomplish your vision which is your life assignment.
My goal as a Career/Educational coach, is to help you achieve what you were born to do; You have tremendous talents, gifts, experiences, capacities, and abilities that the world is waiting to put into use. Let’s get to work?

I specialize in helping you identify the purpose for your education, discover your vision based on the purpose of your education, plan for your education, and find the courage to achieve your educational goal by moving past educational barriers.

Benefit of Coaching

- Discover Values & Passions for Your Education
- Unlock Your Educational Potentials
- Rediscover Your Educational Purpose
- Clarify Your Educational Vision
- Overcome Self-Limiting Beliefs
- Get Unstuck
- Accountability to Achieve Goals
- Navigate Through Life Transitions
- Build Better Relationships
- Build Self-Confidence
- Develop Strategic Skills
- Learn how to develop the skills of  Goal Setting  
- Learn the principles of prioritizing  to achieve success in your education

Perfect for

- Parents who want to better understand the school system
- Students who want to better position themselves to apply for scholarships
- People are trying to change careers
- Students who need coaching on essay writing  for college application and more.

30-minute consultation
1-hour session
4-week coaching sessions*
8-week coaching sessions*
12-week coaching session*
*1hr session once a week
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About Juniace

Dr. Juniace Senecharles Etienne is a native of Miragôane, Haiti, who migrated to the United States at the age of 16. She knows firsthand that education can expands one’s opportunities to succeed. Dr. Etienne is currently a French teacher with the Collier Public Schools in Naples, Florida and an adjunct French Professor at FWS. She works with children at all academic skill levels, from those with special needs to those who are academically gifted. Her passion is to empower and stimulate intellectual curiosity in her students.

If you have further questions regarding life coaching or interested in group coaching, please contact me.
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