State of Florida Certificate Number: N07000007959

EIN: 27-3088953

“To whom much is given, much will be required” Luke 12:48.

Our family migrated to the US in the early 1980’s. We left Haiti with nothing. We started in the US from scratch.  Our mother and father worked in the fields picking beans, oranges. They also worked in the packing houses.  Eventually, our family opened the first Haitian owned business in Immokalee Florida.  Life was not easy. But, the US proved once more that it is the land of opportunity.  The kids in my family understood that we needed to work hard, get an education, and set goals, respect the law, and carry ourselves as respectable citizens to have success in the US.  Today, Juniace Etienne has a PHD in Education. Hilda Cenecharles practices law in Naples. Wilner Cenecharles owns a small business in Naples. Franklin Senecharles works as a librarian/media specialist in Collier County School Disctrict.  Our story is an American Story.  Anyone can make it in America.

                  To honor our deceased mother, we started a Non-for profit organization. H.E.F(Haiti Education Fund, inc) is an organization that focuses on uplifting poor youths in Haiti out of poverty.  That is the avenue we have chosen to give back some of the blessings we have enjoyed. We have decided to share the path to success with the youths of Haiti.

                  We have returned to Dufour Miragoane Haiti, where our family is from.  There, we have found that many young people live in poverty.  Many don’t have access to school, good nutrition.  H.E.F.  Will attempt to uptlift these young Haitians out of poverty by investing in education and nutrition. With an education, these youths will have a path out of poverty.  Those who succeed will return to help uplift their community as well.  So, the legacy of uptlifting one another will be set for generations to come.

              H.E.F. plans to invest in the support of small rural schools, the construction of preschools and technical schools, reading programs, adult education programs, literacy programs, and leadership training programs.  Our effort will concentrate in Miragoane Haiti, initially. H.E.F. will replicate the successful programs in other impoverished small rural areas of Haiti.

               To implement the short and long term goals, H.E.F. needs your assistance.  We hope you will find our ideas to uplift others inspiring. We also hope you will have a desire to join us as we attempt to improve the lives of Haitian youths.  Thank you.


Mission statement

H.E.F. Will identify small, rural, and poor areas of Haiti that have significant population of disadvantaged youths.  H.E.F. will  uplift such communities by providing Educational support, Extracurricular Activity Support, Nutritional Support  in the schools, and provide  Leadership training to members  of such communities.


Dr. Juniace Etienne - President

Attorney Hilda Cenecharles - Vice President

Engineer Romel Etienne - Treasurer

Specialist Franklin Senecharles - Executive Director

Leadership Needs

Governing Board
Fundraising Expert


Miragoanne, Dufour Haiti

Youth Soccer Program at Community School of Dufour
Etsy Store to Sell Products from Haiti for FUNDRAISING
Purchase Specific Amount of Money in Bracelets, necklaces, Earrings, paintings,
and other products manufactured in Haiti
Nutritional Program for students
School Library



Construction of Preschool

  • Construction of All Purpose Conference room

  • Nutritional Program  for pre-school and Community School

  • Support Teacher Salaries
    Manage Preschool

Manage Extra curricular Activities in Community and pre-schools

Continue Mission Trips for Donors and Volunteers


Provide Continuous Leadership Training
Manage Library
Installation of Renewable Energy
Alphabetization Program-Night School for Community members


Explore the Construction of a Modern SECONDARY SCHOOL and Technical School that offers training in:
Auto Mechanic
Electronics Repair
Small Business Startup and management
Basic Financing
Fashion Designing
Fashion Merchandize

Identify One Rural Community in Aquin
Replicate the Dufour Miragoane Program in Aquin


Youth Soccer Program at Community School of Dufour - 1000.00 a year


Etsy Store to Sell Products from Haiti for FUNDRAISING - 200.00 Initial investment


Nutritional Program for 250 students at .75 A Day for 200 School Days - 37500.00 Yearly


School Library- Supply of Books and shelves - 10000.00


Support for Teachers Salary 5000.00 a Year


Construction of Preschool 50,000.00


Construction of All Purpose Conference room 50,000.00

Nutritional Program  for pre-school and Community School 50,000.00


Support Teacher Salaries 10000.00


Manage Preschool 10,000.00


Manage Extra curricular Activities in Community and pre-schools 2,000.00

Continue Mission Trips for Donors and Volunteers 5,000.00




Immediate Needs

Business Account Set up/Paypal Account




Project Planning and implementation


Small Staff of Volunteers in US


Small Staff in Haiti


Registration with Ministry of Social Affairs in Haiti/Consular in Miami


Partnerships with larger NGO’s(Red Cross, USAID,Feed The Children, Food For The Poor, Oprah Foundation etc..)


Grant Research and Writing

to get involved


support US